Services Overview


【Pre-construction planning stage】
1. Construction site consultation, feasibility investigation, analysis and evaluation
2. Risk assessment of geological hazards in the construction site
3. Earthquake safety evaluation of construction site
4. Construction planning survey, preliminary investigation
5. Cadastral Survey
6. Topographic map Pipeline survey, underground pipeline, underground obstacle exploration
7. Engineering planning measurement
8. Preparation of tender documents, consulting
9. Geohazard hazard assessment

【Engineering design stage】
1. Geotechnical investigation of rail transit, construction, municipal, transportation, water conservancy and electric power projects
2. Geotechnical engineering testing, engineering geophysical, soil and water analysis
3. Engineering seismic investigation
4. Engineering control measurement
5. Pile optimization design and consulting
6. Consultation and evaluation of complex geotechnical engineering problems

【Construction stage】
1. Geotechnical engineering construction survey, construction inspection slot
2. Construction and completion of the measurement
3. The whole process of construction monitoring (foundation pit rebound, structural change, foundation deformation, underground pipeline)
4. Third-party monitoring
5. Pile detection, foundation bearing capacity testing
6. Pile construction
7. Foundation reinforcement treatment, design and construction
8. Foundation Pit Enclosure Design and Construction
9. Engineering precipitation design and construction

【Project use stage】
1. Property measurement
2. Long-term settlement, inclination and other observation and analysis of buildings
3. Consultation and disposal of geotechnical problems during the use phase
4. Status of the structure survey, testing and evaluation